A poster of my choice / Yuto Tamura (TM INC.)

We interviewed the buyers about their work and life after they purchased a poster at POSTERS.

Mr. Tamura’s selection: V×F: The Possibility of Print Exhibition / Kazunari Hattori

Yuto Tamura (TM INC.) / After graduating from Department of Design of Nihon University College of Art, he worked at Dentsu Tec and MR_DESIGN before establishing TM INC. He is involved in comprehensive creative work centered on visual communication, including concept development for brand strategy, CI/VI design, advertising, packaging, signage planning, and spatial direction.

Q. What made you decide to purchase the poster?

A. I have many posters that I personally like, and I was always hoping to have something to display in my work space. However, when it came time to bring what I thought was a wonderful work of art into my daily life, I was a bit intimidated and hesitated to do so.
Since I am also in the design business, it is important for me to remain as neutral as possible in response to client requests. I was also afraid of falling under the influence of a particular design, which made me cautious about purchasing any posters.

Q. Despite all of that, why did you choose the work by Kazunari Hattori?

A. I was fond of this work since I had originally seen it in a collection of his artworks and other places. When I saw it again on the POSTERS website, I thought, “If this is available for purchase, I would love to display it!” I was attracted by its stoic expression, as if the creator’s sentiments had been thoroughly eliminated. Despite the seemingly chaotic visuals, it has a strong sense of spontaneity and a certain innocence, giving me a refreshing feeling.

Q. How does the poster look in the space?

A. hear that white noise has a relaxing effect. When my head is boiled down, I turn my eyes away and Mr. Hattori's work comes into view. When I do that, I feel like my biased way of thinking is sucked in, and I can empty my head for a while.
As creators, most of us usually get inspiration from artwork. On the other hand, artwork can clear away our miscellaneous thoughts like an air purifier.

Q. Please share your memories related to posters.

A. When I was in high school, I happened to watch a special program on NHK about art director Kashiwa Sato. The advertisement featured in the program was so cool that it was my first memory of seeing design as a career. Even before that, I liked to doodle on textbooks to show my friends, or customize my sneakers. Then I learned that I would have to go to art school to become a designer, so I started studying drawing.

Q. What do you like about the work by Kashiwa Sato?

A. At the time, I simply thought it was cool. I entered the world of design from there. Just as a baby chick recognizes what they see for the first time as their parents, I think it has led me to my current stance. This SMAP ad was truly like a piece of contemporary art using the entire city as a canvas. By solely focusing on catching people’s eyes, it appears to strictly remove any message, which is a typical element of advertising. Straightforward and primitive expressions that stimulate the human subconscious is something I am aiming to achieve as a designer, and the very reason why I purchased Mr. Hattori’s poster.
Another work I particularly like is the poster for the Yusaku Kamekura Design Award Exhibition by Mr. Kenjiro Sano, whom I assisted in a previous position. Simple color composition filled with humor and aesthetics seem to sum up the creator’s way of life. Technically, it looks simple enough for anyone to make, but only that person can actually make it. Perhaps such posters capture my heart.

Q. You value neutrality, but how do you balance that with showing your own style?

A. To be honest, I don't have much of an artistic side in me, and in my usual client work, I tend to leave things up to the client or the end customers. Each project has a different culture and purpose, so I try to adapt my style to them.
On the other hand, I am also interested in pursuing my own values and likes and offering them to clients or initiating projects on my own. This spring, I presented my original product brand at the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Q. You are a specialist in graphic design. How did your involvement in this trade show happen?

A. This was a collaboration with product designer Harada (TM INC.). We presented “morito,” a series of furniture made from small cuts of thinned wood that are treated as non-standard in the market. Harada, who originally worked for Casio Computer, joined TM INC. when he left the company. He had a desire to make furniture and crafts, but was anxious to start his own business. I was interested in interior design, but I knew it would be difficult to do it alone. So, we thought we could work together. As it turns out, I was just helping Harada realize what he wanted to create, and all I could do was give him positive affirmations.

Q. The environment in which designers from different domains can collaborate with each other must be a great strength of your company.

A. In projects where I am involved from the launch of a brand, I can make proposals that go beyond the realm of graphics. There are also projects in which two-dimensional works are assembled with a figurative art approach, so I think my perspective has broadened in such instances. Our other team member, art director and creative planner Rak (TM INC.), also works in a different realm, including artwork and branding for musicians. Usually we work individually and separately, but working with them in the same organization always inspires me.

enoki light: A lighting device from the “morito” series. The design is inspired by the light, gentle and soft appearance of an enoki mushroom.
Freyia: A CBD oil brand for which he was in charge of art direction from the brand’s inception.

Q. In the field of posters, are there any of your own works that have left a lasting impression on you?

A. I see a poster as an artwork that has gone through the printing process, so I have yet to create something that I can proudly call my own. I would like to create a poster someday that can be my signature work. When I do, please let me bring it to POSTERS!

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