In June 2019, OUR FAVOURITE SHOP in Shirokane, Tokyo held a special exhibition “POSTERS” as a venue to display and sell posters. The exhibition featured masterpieces of ten collaborating graphic designers and suggested a lifestyle where people display posters in their living space, adding color to their everyday lives.

Two and a half years later, in February 2022, we launched the new online platform "POSTERS". The product lineup consists of two types of posters: POSTERS Original (limited-edition posters created by Japan’s leading graphic artists) and Archive Collection (a collection of artists’ past works).
POSTERS Original posters can be printed in different sizes suited for residential interior, as well as extra large size on a LUFAS fabric sign for commercial facilities such as hotels, shops and company entrance halls ( to be launched soon ). They are printed with a unique edition number and come with an IC tag for a digital certificate in order to guarantee the authenticity and rarity of the artwork.

With a recent shift from paper to digital media and increasingly fast-paced communication, artists lost the opportunity to present their crafted artworks in the form of posters. But we believe a single poster can change the ambience in the room; it can provide comfort, peace and a positive vibe. And the time you spend with your favorite posters will be a part of the treasured memories in your life.
Our posters are created by influential graphic designers who are trying to change society through their bold but meticulous expression. We hope these posters will bring a simple joy to individual customers’ daily lives, as well as being a part of the landscape of our society.

”POSTERS” logo designed by graphic designer Masayoshi Nakajo in 2019

Born in Tokyo in 1933. Nakajo graduated from faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 1956. Became freelance in 1960 and established Nakajo Design Office in 1961. He kept doing art direction and design for Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine Hanatsubaki, The Ginza and Tactics Design; CI planning for Matsuya Ginza, Wacoal Spiral, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and Hosomi Museum; Logotype and package design for Shiseido Parlour, etc. Received the Gold Award from TDC, the Highest Award from ADC, Yusaku Kamekura Award, Mainichi Design Award, Japan Advertising Award (Yamana Award), and many others. Also mentionable awards are the Medal with Purple Ribbon and the Order of the Rising Sun.
Photography: Shingo Wakagi

Posters’ Specifications

"POSTERS" sells two types of posters:POSTERS Original(A) and Archive Collection(B).

(A)POSTERS Original

Artists’ new artworks specially created for POSTERS, only available on this website. Each piece has its edition number showing that they are printed in a limited quantity. The poster will be printed based on each customer’s order in their preferred size.


UV inkjet printing

UV inkjet printing uses ultra-violet lights to instantly cure weatherproof ink as it is printed, providing a certain degree of durability against deterioration by direct sunlight and other causes.

[Paper Size]

Available in A series (A0 to A2) and B series (B0 to B2)

A0 1189×841mm
A1 841×594mm
A2 594×420mm
B0 1456×1030mm
B1 1030×728mm
B2 728×515mm

* Customers who order A0, A1, B0 or B1 size will receive a complimentary B4 print sample in the same design.



(For details, seeAbout Framing Service page)

[Enclosed Item]


(For details, seeAbout Digital Certificate page)

(B)Archive Collection

Artists’ past posters are archived and available for sale. The collection includes precious pieces that are one-of-a-kind, made with special techniques, hard to find, or carefully stored.

[Printing / Paper Size]

See each product page.



(For details, see About Framing Service page)

Digital Certificate

POSTERS issues a digital certificate for its original posters through Startbahn Cert., a certificate-issuing service developed and operated by Startbahn, Inc..
This certificate safely tracks and manages all the records of artworks on the Internet.
Once the artwork arrives, an owner can scan the IC Tag on the enclosed certificate with his/her smartphone to view the recorded information and certify the ownership of the artwork.
* Certificate information can also be viewed through the online interface on PC.
For more information about Startbahn Cert., visit

Account registration on Startbahn Cert. is required for the purchase of POSTERS Original posters. Customers can do so when placing an order.

For the guidance of Startbahn Cert. account registration, visit

User guide for Startbahn Cert. is available on

For additional support and questions, please contact Startbahn, Inc. via

Framing Service

"POSTERS" offers a framing service for its posters so that they can be displayed right out of the box. Aluminum frames in four colors and wooden frames in three colors are available. The simple frames look great in any space and complement the artwork, as well as minimizing damage caused by aging deterioration or oxidation. Framing is highly recommended especially for one-of-a-kind, fragile or invaluable pieces.

* Framing a poster might result in lap over to the edges of its design. (3mm in average, slightly vary according to choice of material.)

Aluminum Frames


Hairline Silver, Hairline Gold, Black, White

[Poster Size]

A2 and B2 (Maximum length of the long side: 750mm)

[Frame Size]

6mm wide, 27mm height (thickness)


Frame: aluminum / Cover: 2mm acrylic plate / Mat: white cardboard, 2.5mm plywood / Backing board: 3mm board

[Poster Size]

A1 and B1 (Maximum length of the long side: 1,050mm)

[Frame Size]

7mm wide, 30mm height (thickness)


Frame: aluminum / Cover: 2mm acrylic plate / Mat: white cardboard, 2.5mm plywood / Backing board: 3mm board

Wooden Frames (only available for A0 and B0)


Wood, Black, White

[Poster Size]

A0 and B0

[Frame Size]

30mm wide, 28mm height (thickness)


Frame: maple / Cover: 2mm acrylic plate / Mat: white cardboard, 3mm plywood / Backing board: 3mm board