Announcement of sales release

Archive posters of Masayoshi Nakajo

Art direction of "Hanatsubaki" published by Shiseido, logo and package design for “Shiseido Parlor”, "Kurashi no Techo" cover illustrations and logo design for Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art, etc., Mr. Masayoshi Nakajo had created graphic design works that are well-known by many.
Mr. Nakajo had been active in the graphic design field for many years and passed away at the age of 88 last year. A few of his poster design works are now available on POSTERS.
6 selected works were picked from exhibited pieces at exhibition "Nakajo no Fuji no Yamai", exhibition “Zoku・Fuji no Yamai" which had also won the 5th Yusaku Kamekura Award, and exhibition "IN & OUT, Or ‘IN’&’OTO’”.

Posters exhibited at "Nakajo no Fuji no Yamai”:

Nakajo’s Fuji no Yamai (FUJI)
Nakajo’s Fuji no Yamai (Mt.Fuji)

Posters exhibited at "Zoku: Nakajo no Fuji no Yamai”:
Four Seasons (Summer)
Four Seasons (Winter)

Posters exhibited at "IN & OUT, Or ‘in’&’oto’":
IN & OUT, Or 'IN' & 'OTO' (Sunflower)
IN & OUT, Or 'IN' & 'OTO' (Steam Locomotive)