JAGDA Award Winning Posters

Kazunari Hattori “This is not an apple” poster series

Poster series “This is not an apple” designed by graphic designer Kazunari Hattori, has been awarded JAGDA Award (poster category), after rigorous rounds of judging out of a total of 2,100 submissions. The awarded posters will be displayed this early summer at exhibition “Graphic Design in Japan 2023”, at the Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, in conjunction with the publishing of JAGDA’s design yearbook, followed by exhibition tour around other Asian cities.

This is not an apple
A set of 2 posters that are designed with digital data paths that mimicked painting expressions, inspired by Rene Magritte’s painting "Ceci n'est pas une pomme (this is not an apple)" created in 1964.

About JAGDA Award
Established in 2008, the "JAGDA Awards” (Named “JAGDA Category Awards” in the first year) aims to recognize and endorse outstanding graphic designers every year. Awarded designs are selected from the highest-voted entries from each category (poster, general graphics, CI/VI, symbol/logo/typography/motion logo, book/editorial, packaging, newspaper/magazine advertisement, environment/space, digital media, video, integrated project)

Japan Graphic Design Association (JADGA)