Exhibition Highlights

Poster series “Daily Mobile” by Daijiro Ohara

“Daily Mobile”, a series of 3 posters designed by Daijiro Ohara, is now being displayed at Creation Gallery G8, the exhibition venue of “THE ENDING ’23”. Display of the poster series will only lasts for 3 days, which is a part of the exhibition program.
“Daily Mobile” posters are available for sale exclusively on POSTERS.

View “Daily Mobile” series
Encounter the beauty of a poster / interview with DAIJIRO OHARA

The Ending '23
DATES : Tue. August 1 – Sat. September 2, 2023
HOURS : 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays and holidays.
Admission free.

The Ending ’23 is a relay-style exhibition, where 2 designers pair up to take part in a 3-day exhibition, and pass on to the next pair.
8.1.Tue – 8.3.Thu Katsumi Asaba , Harumi Yamaguchi
8.4.Fri – 8.7 Mon Yuri Uenishi , Nagi Noda
8.8.Tue – 8.10.Thu Akira Uno , Kazumasa Nagai
8.17.Thu – 8.19.Sat Kaoru Kasai , Philippe Weisbecker
8.21.Mon – 8.23.Wed Yui Takada , Norio Nakamura
8.24.Thu – 8.26.Sat Daijiro Ohara , Atsuki Kikuchi
8.28.Mon – 8.30.Wed Ryoji Tanaka , Kazunari Hattori
8.31.Thu – 9.2.Sat Yusaku Kamekura